6 Best Insurance companies worth investing in 2016

If you are searching for an insurance company to invest in, it is imperative to do due diligence for the safety of your investment. Insurance is one of the most lucrative industries and yet among the risky businesses to put your money in. Selecting the best insurance company to invest in is not an easy task. You need to evaluate some of the main factors such as the company’s price book (P/B), return on equity (ROE), tangible assets and other comprehensive income (OCI) among others for good yields.

If you are not privy to the market, there are many experts such as CMC Markets ready to help you choose the best companies to invest in. These are financial experts with experience and knowledge about the entire insurance industry. Many players are making it big in the industry but here is a list of the some of the best insurance companies worth investing in 2016.

  • Legal & General Group plc

Commonly known as legal & general, it is one of the leading insurance companies in the UK. The company has its tentacles worldwide with enormous interests in France, Germany, United States and India among others. What makes legal & general an attractive investment are its huge total assets worth GBP 395.319 billion or US$ 622 billion as of 2015. The company also made a net income of £ 1,094 in the year 2015. With these figures, legal & general stands out as one of the best insurance companies to invest your money in.

  • Aviva plc

This is a multinational insurance company that is making it big in the UK and internationally. The company enjoys more than 33 million customers across 16 countries where it spreads its tentacles. Aviva has a total value of assets valued at £ 387.874 billion as of the end of 2015. The company recorded a net income of £1.079 billion in the year 2015. It is a company that has established itself, and it is dominating the market. The insurer is making good returns and thus it is an excellent investment opportunity. The company is expected to perform better this year after acquiring the Friends Life Group Company last year.

  • Prudential plc

It is multinational life insurance company that also offers financial services. The company is headquartered in London. Started in 1848, Prudence has total assets worth £386.985 billion which is an attractive amount for any investor. Prudence plc recorded £ 2,579 billion in the year 2015, making it among the richest insurance companies regarding revenue collection. With this value of income and assets, the Prudence stands out as one of the insurance companies worth investing in. Its involvement in other sectors such as financial services keeps your money safe in case one area fails to deliver as expected.

  • Standard Life

Headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland, the company boasts of its huge customer and client base worldwide. The company has more than 4.5 million customers across 46 countries where it operates in. Standard Life also enjoys more than 25 million customers in China and India through joint ventures. Its totals assets are valued at £176.722 billion as of year ending 2015. The company recorded net income of £415 million in the same year making it among the most attractive companies to invest in.

  • Old Mutual

Old Mutual is international insurance, saving, banking and investment group operating in the UK. Although the company was founded in South Africa, the company has its headquarters in London. The company’s total assets are estimated at £133.548 billion. In the year 2015, Old Mutual recorded a net income of £924 million making it among the most lucrative insurance companies. Investing in this company is a guarantee that you will get value for your money.

  • Phoenix Group

Phoenix Group has earned a reputation in the insurance industry since its inception in 1857. The company operates two sections – life assurance and Asset management. This could be the reason it is doing very well in the industry. The company’s total assets were valued at £67.270 billion in the year ending 2015. Phoenix Group recorded gross revenue of £692 million in 2015, and its net revenue was £249 million. The company’s share are readily available on the London Stock Exchange. The company is an attractive investment where real returns are guaranteed.
These are some of the best insurance companies worth investing in 2016. These are established insurance companies enjoying a large customer and client base worldwide. They are very stable in the market, versatile and not known for recording losses. These are companies that guarantee shareholders good returns every year.


Looking for a new health insurance plan

health insuranceModern day health insurance policies are payment plans intended to cover high cost emergency medical procedures. Somewhere along the way, consumers started to believe that these payment plans protect their own health. These payment plans set the mind’s sail on a course of reliance on a medical industry that manages disease, instead of empowering individual quality of life. By paying into these insurance plans, blind trust is put into a medical system that is now fundamentally controlled by drug companies, time demands, and a cut, poison, burn approach to health. The practices taught at medical schools do not focus on prevention, but rely on medical label diagnostics.

Many high cost medical procedures can be completely thwarted, avoided altogether through alternative health philosophies. Nutrition education and the availability of pure water and whole foods could reduce unnecessary drugging and surgeries. While chemotherapy and radiation may be covered in part by a modern insurance policy, these procedures cannot scientifically cure cancer.

To save the medical system, new health insurance philosophies must be implemented, practiced, and taught. Honing in on the epigenetic factors of disease and building the body’s immune system should be top priority. Chopping off body parts in fear of cancer, as seen in hysterectomies and mastectomies surgeries, is not preventing cancer. Self mutilation is not the answer and neither is radiating and burning the body. These philosophies alone drive up the cost of medical care and insurance while perpetuating disease.
Modern insurance makes people more apt to see doctors and undergo unnecessary tests, drugs, and surgeries

The more a person pays into an insurance payment policy, the more likely they will seek the services of the medical system unnecessarily, as they hope to receive a benefit. Sadly, there’s rarely a benefit from the current setup – just more tests, drugs, and co-pays that bring more bills, side effects, and wasted time.

The sad part about today’s “health insurance plans” is that they provide no true insurance from disease and cancer. A modern hospital does nothing to boost the innate power of the human immune system. Hospitals typically feed patients processed food with little nutritional value while injecting mercury, aluminum neurotoxic adjuvant virus strains right into a patient’s blood stream, all in the name of preventing the flu.

There are some great surgeons available and there are plenty of well intentioned nurses and doctors ready to help, but they only know how to help patients in limited ways, using disease management methods that are taught down to them. Very few question the institution’s ways.

Either way, doctors cannot follow a patient around and make sure they are drinking adequate clean water each day. They cannot force patients to spend time in the sun to welcome vitamin D inside their body for cellular health.
Real healthcare begins with the individual

There’s a whole other side to health and that begins with the individual and one’s health philosophy, which starts in the mind. A new, proactive perspective on health, rooted in nutrition utilization, can bring copious amounts of joy, energy, and quality of life. No doctor’s checkups, tests, or prescriptions are needed.

The individual has a powerful mind, spirit, and immune system that can overcome illness. There’s no need, no freedom in taking daily injections, or swallowing Drug Company pills, even if the insurance company pays for the nonsense. Most pharmacology is a false paradigm, rooted in science of lies. The heart and the vascular system can heal without high blood pressure medication, insurance bills, and doctor fees. The nervous system can heal without psychotropic medications. One can be confident in their digestive health without going to the doctor for a colonoscopy. No one needs a heavy metal laded flu shot to ward off illness.

In essence, modern day health insurance policies are only enslaving people to one way of reliant-thinking. These plans siphon from ones bank account and perpetuate a philosophy that encourages people to forget about preventative health strategies. Patients are herded into a system of disease management ideology, which only promotes side effect-ridden, profit-driven pharmaceutical drugs.

For affordability to return to hospital care, consumers should question whether they need health insurance payment plans altogether and begin adopting a new outlook on life. As the payment plans disappear, suddenly the individual is empowered with new health philosophies and practices rooted in personal responsibility and assisting the body with proper nutrition. As more end their dependent cycle on the medical system, real emergency accident-based hospital care will become affordable, and less people will see no need to have their lives consumed with “insurance payment plans,” illness, and doctor’s visits.


Finding Cheap Car Insurance For Young Drivers

 Car Insurance For Young DriversIf you are a young driver looking for inexpensive auto insurance options, your choices are very limited. This is because insurance companies are out there in the market to make profits. They fear providing cheap insurance for young people in general, as they are most likely to meet up with accidents (at least that’s what the statistics say). Especially, youths with expensive cars or sports utility vehicles (SUVs) find it difficult to get cheap options.

Why is Insurance Expensive for Young Drivers?

The reason for young drivers finding it difficult to afford auto insurance can be attributed to accident statistics. The numbers tell the insurance companies that it’s more likely that a person aged less than 25 meets with an accident than a person aged more. Therefore, drivers who fall in this age group cannot even have a claim bonus from companies as they are probably taking out their first insurance. Plus, if they are using expensive cars, the premium amount is naturally going to go up.

How can Insurance Costs be Kept Down?

One simple thing to do is not to go for too speedy and too expensive cars. Make as much less modifications in your car as possible. So, obviously look for cars that fall in the low insurance group. This is one strategy, that can bring down your insurance cost considerably.

How to Find Inexpensive Deals

Pass the Driving Tests: In certain countries like United Kingdom, there are ‘pass plus’ tests offered that test driving acumen, under all sorts of diverse conditions. In some US states too, such driving tests are offered. If you pass them and enhance your dependability as a driver, insurance companies do take heed of it. This may influence them to provide you with inexpensive insurance.

Maintain a Clean Driving Record: Companies also go through the length and breadth of your driving record, for any speeding violations or incidents. So, drive safely on roads and within speed limits. That may just fetch you, a bit of a reprieve when it comes to paying your insurance installments.

Go for Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance: Comprehensive car insurance cover is the best option. This kind of insurance covers repair costs as well as third party fire and theft charges. However, it comes at a costly premium. If you are a young fella, it’s better to go for only a third party fire and theft insurance which covers damages inflicted by a third party. However, you will have to bear your car repair charges on your own. If you are confident of your car’s maintenance, then this is a better option.

Compare Insurance Quotes: Compare quotes by different companies. Some of them cater especially to young drivers. Of course, these insurance offers are mostly third party fire and theft type. If you take all the precautions listed above, I see no reason why you should not succeed in your quest.

Things can be gotten cheap, but not without a bit of willingness to compromise on your side. A young man can have what he wants eventually, but he must wait for his turn and make smart choices at the start.


Five questions that can save you money on car insurance

car insuranceWhen it comes to car insurance, there are a number of ways to reduce your premium. And in today’s tough economic times, every little bit helps.

Asking your local independent agent the right questions can mean big savings. Leading car insurer Progressive recommends asking these five questions:

Can I save by shopping around? Car insurance rates can vary by hundreds of dollars between carriers, so check the rates of several companies to make sure you’re getting the best deal. Last year, people who switched to Progressive and saved reported saving an average of $550 on their annual premium. And because an independent agent represents several companies, he or she can quickly and easily compare rates for you.

Am I carrying the right amount of coverage? Owners of older or inexpensive cars could consider dropping Comprehensive and Collision coverages. Doing that can save hundreds of dollars each year.

Is my policy up to date? If you’ve moved, gotten married, or bought a home, check with your agent – you may be eligible for lower rates.

Should I raise my deductible? According to the Insurance Information Institute, raising your deductibles to $500 could reduce your Collision and Comprehensive costs by 15 to 30 percent.

Do I qualify for any discounts? Ask your agent if your carrier offers reduced premiums for certain car features like anti-lock brakes. You might also be eligible for discounts if you pay in full, own a home, are a loyal customer, have no recent tickets or accidents, sign up for paperless billing, list another car on your policy, and more.


Thesis is the summary of a textual content in a single or numerous key phrases.Acquire THESIS Pieces of paper On the internet

Thesis is the summary of a textual content in a single or numerous key phrases.Acquire THESIS Pieces of paper On the internet

The essential target of thesis writing is always to get all available items to send out the principle tips from the text, to lightly show this issue case of the complete volume of a discharge or even a record. To create a thesis, you need to possess a powerful knowledge of the subject, make its deep questionnaire, be capable of reveal one`s viewpoint and appearance it against concepts of other individuals or put some thing from oneself. If the thesis is written wretchedly, it can deflect consideration far from an intriguing clinical function. Otherwise, a well- done thesis draws in much awareness of the clinical distribution and its article writer. The cabability to publish a thesis could become a trait of your analysis operate.

The execution of each thesis is complied with a number of policies. It is actually carried out as needed. Every starter need to correspond to these policies, otherwise he risks to be wasted on, which may affect your school good results generally.


Plagiarism cost-free report is actually a real truth: a few rules

Plagiarism cost-free report is actually a real truth: a few rules How to achieve such a 10% results in practice, although

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Classification of methodological structure in degree or diploma give good results, term paper and thesis

Classification of methodological structure in degree or diploma give good results, term paper and thesis

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How Virtual Accounting Firms Are a Smart Choice for Your Business’s Bookkeeping Services

Virtual Accounting Firms

Any effective business owner knows that one of the keys to thriving in a competitive and ever-changing market is to continually improve and upgrade, especially in terms of efficiency. This allows them to stay up to date with a customer’s ever-evolving needs and with current technologies. Companies that fail to adapt in this way may run the risk of lagging behind.

One area that is common to every business is bookkeeping. No company, big or small, can afford to neglect its bookkeeping needs, and these types of services are often time-consuming, confusing, and costly.

Investing in a virtual accounting firm to handle bookkeeping services can be one of the best decisions a business owner can make. Finding a more efficient bookkeeping service can award a company numerous benefits.

Getting started with a virtual accounting service is much easy. Maxim Liberty, an online bookkeeping agency, assists businesses from all over the USA and Canada in arranging this service for their business.

Drawbacks of TraditionalBookkeeping Services

While it would be a wise decision for a business to hire a professional bookkeeper to manage their bookkeeping needs, instead of attempting to do everything themselves. However, not many entrepreneurs realize that hiring a local on-site bookkeeper is not always the best option.

With increased permanent, on-site staff comes increased costs and staff maintenance requirements. These costs take the form of higher salaries (including benefits), increased office space needed, and subsequent overhead costs. Additionally, with permanent staff comes the responsibility in managing the needs of a full staff. This can be time-consuming and stressful for a business owner.

For these reasons, more businesses are opting for services that can be outsourced. Virtual accounting firms offer numerous advantages over full-time accountants.

Benefits of Virtual Accounting Firms             

Virtual bookkeepers are extremely cost-effective. Maxim Liberty’s virtual bookkeeping services will cost a business much less in terms of the average hourly rate charged, as compared to traditional bookkeeping services. Moreover, businesses can save hundreds and thousands of dollars in overhead costs through the reduction of permanent staff and the operational expenses of traditional bookkeeping.There is also an option of hiring a bookkeeper full time or part time. You can choose according to your needs.

A business need not always replace an existing bookkeeper completely. In fact, a virtual bookkeeper can even act as an assistant to a company’s currentbookkeeper, helping them cope with large work volumes and increasing the businesses’ overall use of time.

The decreased costs of virtual accounting firms do not affect the quality of work or the safety of a company’s data in any way. Virtual bookkeepers are extremely efficient, highly –trained, and professional. They are able to provide the same services as traditional bookkeepers at the same quality standard.Virtual bookkeepers are able to optimize the workflow with the use of pre-determined protocols and virtual accounting software, which help to streamline and automate the process.

Business owners caneven negotiate a pre-determined set of protocols with their virtual bookkeeper. For example, you can pre-arrange to have weekly custom bookkeeping reports to have a better handle on the company’sfigures. This isa crucial part of running any business.

For more on-demand needs, a company can contact their virtual bookkeeper directly by email or telephone, your preferred method of communication.

Virtual Bookkeeping Services Offered

Virtual bookkeeping services are able to perform all of the same standard bookkeeping services as traditional bookkeepers. This include:

  • Tax filings and payments
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Comprehensive bookkeeping reports, including weekly and custom reports on demand
  • Company payroll
  • Payment of all business accounts

Virtual Bookkeeping Services withMaxim Liberty

With the benefits of investing in a virtual accounting firm quite apparent, the next you may ask is “How do I get started?”

Maxim Liberty is here to assist businesses in getting started with virtual bookkeeping by getting them set up with the best virtual bookkeeper for their specific needs. Maxim Liberty will also assist you in getting fully orientated with your new accounting system.

A business can switch over to virtualbookkeeping services almost immediately. Here is a quick overview of the transition process:

There will be a consultation between one ofMaxim Liberty’s expert consultants and the business owner to determine your specific bookkeeping requirements. The consultant will make recommendations as to the type of service required as well as ways you can improve bookkeeping efficiency holistically.

The consultant will then present you with quotations for the recommended services and products and allow youtime to decide which option is best. Once you make your final decision, Maxim Liberty will get you started on virtual bookkeeping. Contact Maxim Liberty today to find out more!


The key tips about crafting a realization around the study course succeed

The key tips about crafting a realization around the study course succeed

Once you research project for the college or university, it truly is essential to pay brilliant awareness to crafting tasks, that is essential for your professor.


structure, Topic, formatting and purpose certainly get the job done

structure, Topic, formatting and purpose certainly get the job done

Course deliver the results (path process) is a type of self-research and teaching handle aspects of the research, performed by youngsters of much higher or additional knowledge training centers all through the semester with the intention to combine, deepen and activity of knowledge obtained during workout as well as system to complicated work out of your a number of qualified job.




Narcissistic personality problem stands out as the types of mental disorder when people today undergo a magnified sensation that they’re remarkably key for your society, they may have an overwhelming want to be admired as well as the absence of sympathy for others.


How to Write an Analysis Document

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Good web content is just a vital element in coming for more, back and keeping readers serious.

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Learn how to appreciate oneself again.

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Good Essay Crafting Craftsmanship- All Our Writers Have Received It

Good Essay Crafting Craftsmanship- All Our Writers Have Received It

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Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung are viewed as pioneers inside subject of psychology. They were comrades whose friendship was influenced by the desire to unravel the mysteries in the unconscious.